Confused by Final Cut Pro? Don't worry, you aren't the only lost child out there! Here are some nifty tips and tricks to help you understand FCP better.

Final Cut Pro Shortcuts[]


New Project Shift-Cmd-N
New Sequence Cmd-N
Save All Option-Cmd-S
Print to Video Control-M
Arrange Windows to Standard Layout Control-U


Import File Cmd-I
Open Bins (List View) right arrow
Close Bins (List View) left arrow
Open Bin in New Tab Option-Enter (on Number Pad)
Close Tab Ctrl-W
New Bin Cmd-B
Show/Hide Browser Cmd-4
Show Effects Cmd-5
Show Favorites Cmd-6
Item Properties Cmd-9
Toggle Browser View Shift-H
View Item in Editor Option-return
View Item in New Window Shift-return
Logging Columns (Layout view) Option-B
Find Cmd-F
Find Next (in Find Results) F3


Snapping N
Linked Selection Shift-L
Lock/Unlock Video Track F4 plus track number
Set Video Destination F6 plus track number
Clear Video Destination Shift-F6
Lock Audio Track F5 plus track number
Set Audio Destination 1 F7 plus track number
Set Audio Destination 2 F8 plus track number
Clear Audio Destination 1 Shift-F7
Clear Audio Destination 2 Shift-F8
Toggle Clip Overlays Option-W
Toggle Timeline Track Height Shift-T
Zoom In (Timeline Only) Option-Plus (+)
Zoom Out (Timeline Only) Option-Minus (-)
Add Edit Ctrl-V
Clear In Option-I
Clear Out Option-O
Clear In and Out Option-X
Add Video Transition Cmd-T
Add Audio Transition Option-Cmd-T
Fit Sequence to Window Shift-Z
Go to Beginning of Media home
Go to End of Media end
Lock All Video Tracks Shift-F4
Lock All Audio Tracks Shift-F5
Mark Audio In Option-Cmd-I
Mark Audio Out Option-Cmd-O
Render All: Audio and Video Option-R
Ripple Cut Shift-X
Select In to Out Option-A


Fit to Window Shift-Z
Toggle Wireframes W
Mark Clip X
Mark In I
Mark Out O
Go to Previous Edit up arrow
Go to Next Edit down arrow
Play In to Out Shift-\
Play Forward Spacebar
Open Text Generator Control-X
Close Tab Control-W
Show/Hide Viewer Cmd-1


To navigate using timecode enter a timecode value and press return
Rewind J
Rewind Faster press J repeatedly
Stop K
Fast Forward L
Fast Forward Faster press L repeatedly
Slow Motion Forward Hold K and L
Slow Motion Backward Hold J and K
Forward One Frame Hold K and tap L
Reverse One Frame Hold K and tape J
Go Back One Frame left arrow
Go Back One Second Shift-left arrow
Go to In Point Shift-I
Go to Next Keyframe Shift-K
Go to Previous Keyframe Option-K
Go to Out Point Shift-O
Looping Playback Control-L
Play Every Frame Option-\
Play Reverse Shift-Space
Play to Out Shift-P
Select In to Out Option-A


Add Marker M
Delete Marker Cmd-Tilde (~)
Delete All Markers Control-Tilde (~)
Edit Marker Option-Cmd-M
Next Marker Shift-down arrow
Previous Marker Shift-up arrow


Insert Clip F9
Overwrite Clip F10
Replace Clip F11
Superimpose Clip F12
Fit to Fill Shift-F11
Insert Clip with Transition Shift-F9
Overwrite with Transition Shift-F10
Mark Video In Control-I
Mark Video Out Control-O
Show/Hide Canvas Cmd-2


Show Log and Capture Cmd-8
Go to In Point Shift-I
Go to Out Point Shift-O
Log Clip F2
Capture Now Shift-C
Batch Capture Control-C
Stops Capture Esc


Go to Previous Keyframe Option-K
Go to Next Keyframe Shift-K
Add Motion Keyframe Control-K


Render All Option-R
Render Selection (In to Out) Cmd-R
Make Favorite Effect Option-F
Make Freeze Frame (in Viewer) Shift-N

Final Cut Pro Tutorial Videos[]